Transitioning Into Digital

Landratt, LLC will no longer be updating or adding on to Karacterz as a physical card game. This is due to lack of resources, especially time and labor. 

I will be transitioning Karacterz into a digital format as I continue to learn computer programming. Computer programming has always been a skill I would like to have and plan to use Karacterz as a vehicle as I learn programming.

My plan is to update the code to the current Karacterz Kalculator (the command-line program). Then, I will learn the Python language and Unity. Python looks like a go-to language that many fields use and Unity has an amazing community to help me learn how to make games.

Once I become familiar with Python and Unity, I will make an updated Karacterz Kalculator with pictures and a user-friendly interface for mobile devices. Lastly, that updated app will become the full Karacterz game, playable on most electronic devices!

This was not an easy decision. I have spent much of my free time and money on developing and improving Karacterz for the past 15 years. The game has such enormous potential and I had a few decent marketing ideas, that it was very difficult for me to let it go. I will keep my eyes open for publishing companies that may be interested in Karacterz, but I'm going to focus on developing my digital skills.

I will continue to post updates, but less often as I have because the journey to learning is slow and long.

Thank you all my fans, friends and family for all your support! You have been very generous and I am very grateful for all your help.