Spinning Jump Kick

Artist Bio:
Tyrine is a Californian. She likes sushi, super computers, beds that are as soft as bowling balls, and when people send her money. That was five years ago. Now her and her husband live in Illinois with entirely too many computers and a stupid kitten who shares Tyrine’s love of sushi.

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Artist Recommendation:
Tyrine Carver is a very creative and amazing artist. She was very professional and we appreciate how she worked within our requirements, adjusted the artwork based on our recommendation as well as completing within our set deadline. Tyrine squeezed us into her busy schedule full of other commissions, which didn't hinder her progress or quality of work. She also clearly expressed her concerns before and throughout the commission and responded well to our own criticism and suggestions. Landratt, LLC would highly recommend working with this artist for your future artwork and we would gladly work with her again in the future.

Thank you very much Tyrine Carver for your amazing and beautiful contribution to the Karacterz card game.