Placement Mats From The Video Now Here Too!

In our demonstration of Karacterz (check out previous post for the links!), we use placements mats. The photos of this post are those placement mats! These mats help keep your play area organized, labeled and reminds you of the limitations when building your ultimate fighter.

You can download them here as a PDF:

Not only that, but these mats are completely customizable to fit your comfort and play style! Just print, cut along the dotted lines and around the Discard Pile and Combat Deck in the second photo and place on the table as you like! Each copy is for one player.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Also, those interested in trying out Karacterz, Matt is open this summer and would love to play the game with you! We will not charge and are open to play over Skype if you're not local. Email Matt at if you're interested in playing Karacterz with the lead game designer and we can set up a date and time to play!