Padded Armor

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Artist Bio:
I've always had a great passion for drawing.
I've graduated in an artistic high school, with a specialization in interior and commercial designs.
I had the chance to attend painting, sculpting and architecture classes, and I've drawn many original designs of furnishings and furnishing accessories during my school years. I've studied human and animal anatomy both for school and at home, being a great fan of realistic pictures and proportions.
I've been drawing with Photoshop and my Digital tablet for years now, and monsters, original characters and speedpaints are my specialty.

Artist Recommendation:
Lorenzo Massaro is a dedicated and talented artist. He was very professional as he gave us many ideas to work with, adjusted the artwork based on our recommendation as well as completing within our set deadline. Lorenzo gave us many regular updates, improving the illustration greatly with each one. Landratt, LLC would highly recommend working with this artist for your future artwork and we would gladly work with him again in the future.

Thank you Lorenzo Massaro for your awesome contribution to the Karacterz card game.