Karacterz Demonstration Is Live!

As we have previously announced on Facebook, we have uploaded a demonstration of Karacterz, showcasing the rules and the flow of gameplay.

If you would like to watch the demonstration in one video, watch the video below!


If you would like to watch the demonstration as a playlist of shorter videos, click on the video below!


The demonstration is designed to show you ALL the rules of Karacterz, even though some are not usually played in a normal game. So what you see in this video is the most complicated a game of Karacterz CAN be. In fact, there are some rules you can play without and still play a very fun and fair game.

That's the beauty of Karacterz: it is designed to work WITH you and not force you to bend over backwards to learn all the rules. We've played many games of Karacterz without combos and using the powers of Stat cards and it was still lots of fun. Some people appreciate not having to do so much math to play their games.

We hope you enjoy the videos!