Announcing the future!

Hello to all my fans, family and supporters!

I have had an amazing experience publishing and marketing Karacterz since May 2015. Making the game for 8 years prior to its release was also an unique and fun learning experience.

Alas, Karacterz is too big of a project for one person. The game deserves better so it can grow into the game it always was meant to be. There are a few projects left to complete so I can deliver on all my promises to you all.

After I am done with all or most of the projects below, I plan on searching for a publisher that can take Karacterz to the level it deserves to be. 

The projects still left to complete are:

• Finalizing official rulebook. There are still a few tweaks left before the official rulebook is finalized.

• Making a rulebook with 6+ more styles of play. Unleash the full potenial of Karacterz! This will take more than a year, but I'll release each style of play as their rough drafts are completed.

• Developing the Karacterz Kalculator app. This app tracks your stats and powers as you equip cards to your fighter! I'm almost done with the PC-only, no-graphics version. It will take me at least another year before the actual app is released. 

• Putting the full game in Tabletop Simulator. The demo is already there. The full version will have all the cards, be scripted and maybe have the Kalculator as well.

• Possibly making a digital version of Karacterz, mobile friendly. As I continue to study making digital games and apps, Karacterz is a natural choice to make into a digital card game. This will take forever to create and release.

That's it! All of these new features will be free or sold at-cost to current Karacterz fans, family and supporters. Including the digital card game! All I need from you is your verbal support, constructive criticism and your patience.

You all have been very good to me. I hope I will be able to deliver all my promises in the next couple of years. Remember: It's about the journey, not the destination.

With great sincerity, 

Matt Hall

Owner of Landratt, LLC